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✭Mountaingrass Workshops 2018✭

Full Program Mountaingrass 2018

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✭Bluegrass Junction – Fiddle Old Time Slow Jam✭ with some favourite old-time fiddle tunes.

Sat. 10am. Pitts Tent


✭Bluegrass Parkway – Harmony singing✭
BGP will show you the song, give a brief history of how it fits into the bluegrass genre and then set about dissecting each part for you to try. After breaking up for some special coaching on your part, the entire group comes together to raise the roof as the band likes to put it. Come and experience the joy of singing in harmony, we guarantee you a great time!

Sat. 11am. Pitts Tent


✭Crooked Road – Harmony singing✭
Phil will lead the teaching of a song in four-part harmony. Everyone who’s come to the workshop is welcome to join Crooked Road at the end of their spot at the Sunday morning gospel concert.

Sat 10am MHAS upstairs


✭John Boothroyd – Old Time Two-finger picking banjo✭
Clawhammer banjo is not the only old-time banjo style. Two finger picking was used by many early players, such as B.F. Shelton, Wade Mainer, and Pete Steele. John will demonstrate several two finger picking styles, one where the thumb picks the melody and fifth string, and the finger picks the first string also as a drone, and another style where the finger plays the melody and the thumb generally plays the fifth string. These styles are very suitable for both instrumental tunes, and to accompany songs. John will teach several tunes. Hand out sheets will be provided. A basic knowledge of banjo playing (tunings and chords) will be an advantage.

Sat 11am. MHAS classroom


✭Cameron DeWhitt – pitchfork-style banjo✭
A three-finger approach to clawhammer that allows the banjoist to play melodies more intuitively and unlock rhythms that are usually prohibitive to clawhammer-style players. Cameron will demonstrate advanced applications of the pitchfork stroke, lead some basic right-hand exercises, and teach a common tune in the technique.’

Sun 10am. MHAS Upstairs


✭Joseph Decosimo (Blueridge Broadcasters) – Old-time Banjo Tune-Up✭
Tips and trips that will help you get a driving, old-school Old-time banjo sound in the context of string bands or fiddle accompaniment. We’ll reach back to the approaches of some classic players and string bands, considering what made those old performances so compelling. We’ll explore some unexpectedly simple paths and techniques that can add depth and dimension to your playing and look at the right-hand mechanics of playing Old-time banjo. We’ll also think about how to play supportive and complementary roles that will make you a better (and more sought after) player.

Sun 11am. MHAS Upstairs


✭Hugh Gordon – fiddle maintenance✭
Learn how to keep your fiddle in fine fettle. From setup to maintenance and repair, Hugh show ow to take care of your violin at home.

Sat 9am Chapel


✭Jammalong – Jamming for newcomers✭
With Jose Garcia and his Amigos (Melbourne) and Michael and Dianne Porter (Canberra).
Learn how to create a jam session of your own with Dianne and Michael or get the necessary skills for performing on stage with Jose. Jammalong aims to help new players to jam with others and prepare for stage performances with the support of experienced musicians.
Jammalong (Melbourne)
Jose & The Amigos – Stagecraft workshop: using microphones and stage gear.
Two preparation sessions (1 hour each) with the goal of creating a scratch band of musicians that want to do a stage performance as a group at 12.30pm Sunday on the Main stage.

Sat 9am MHAS Upstairs, Sun 9am HW room

Jammalong (Canberra)
Michael and Dianne Porter will host two workshops for beginners and newcomers over the festival:
1. A welcome jam
on Friday afternoon under the trees at the George Kerferd hotel
2. Tips and Tricks for
jammers A practical workshop designed to get people started on playing with others.

Sat 10am GK Hotel grounds BBQ area


✭Rod and Jud Jones (My-T-Fine Stringband) old time jam session✭
Join in and play old-time stringband tunes at a manageable pace in a jam session led by Rod & Judy Jones and friends. All welcome, all levels. No music – learn and play by ear. Tunes will include Mississippi Sawyers (D), Angeline Baker (D), Golden Slippers (D) and Old Joe Clark.(A).

Sun 11am GK Hotel grounds BBQ area


✭Paddy Montgomery – Advanced mandolin✭
The workshop will cover some fundamentals in improvising over Bluegrass instrumentals and deconstructing melodic themes to build on during solos.
Some do’s and don’ts for general mandolin technique and understanding the role of the mandolin in a Bluegrass band.

Sun 11am MHAS Classroom


✭Tony O’Rourke – guitar✭
This workshop will be about playing a fiddle tune and song break, (melody and back-up), with an explanation and analysis of what I do, and some pointers on technique. CD and booklet provided to each participant. Intermediate.

Sun 10am MHAS Classroom


✭Ricky Pann and the Willing Ponies – Bluegrass band basics✭
Bluegrass saved my life. Ricky Pann discusses how Bluegrass and his band, Willing Ponies therapeutically saved his life by deconstructing songs and standards with his band. Everything from the etiquette of playing bluegrass with others in an ensemble to the importance of bluegrass as a community. Ricky discusses his motivation, philosophy in constructing a band and writing songs.

Sun 10am Chapel


✭Peter Scholtz – Beginner BG and Intermediate BG banjo✭
Peter Scholtz has been playing 5-string Banjo for over 40 years and teaching Scruggs Style for 30 years. His workshop style is easy to follow and he provides printed material for students to take. These are structured Workshops with the intermediate one building on the beginner’s workshop.

Sat 9am MHAS Classroom, and Sun 9am MHAS Classroom.


✭Doug Sharkey (Blueridge Broadcasters) – Old-Time Guitar primer – Intermediate level✭
You know the chords but does your guitar playing have a groove? In this workshop we will look at how to put drive and energy into your playing and how to find the often elusive “pocket”. With both picking hand techniques and melodic bass runs, participants will learn how to make even the simplest tune more interesting and dynamic. We will also discuss how the guitar fits into the string band setting as well as duo and trio settings.

Sat 11am MHAS upstairs


✭Steve Treloar – Beginners mandolin✭
Steve will focus on a beginner’s guide to playing the melody and chords to a tune and discuss the way tunes are structured. The tune will be Soldiers Joy in the key of D.

Sun 10am Pitts Tent


✭Mike Compton – Private Mandolin Lessons✭

Mike Compton will be available on site at Mountaingrass for personal mandolin lessons. Anyone who would like to take up the opportunity should contact Paul Duff via email at for details.

Full Program Mountaingrass 2018

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