George Kerferd Hotel, Mayday Hills, Beechworth


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Mountaingrass festival volunteers – Descriptions of tasks and roles


Pre-event setup (Thursday and Friday) - click to view

Tasks include:

Harold Whittaker Room (George Kerferd Hotel)

  • Setting out the hotel’s chairs and about 50 of the hired white plastic chairs;
  • Putting a small table next to the stage for the feedback deck;
  • Setting up 2 tables and chairs the in the entrance way to the GK hotel;
  • Setting up a table and the CD racks for the CD store;
  • Setting up umbrellas, small tables and chairs for patrons to sit at while eating lunch etc;
  • Setting out plastic chairs and tables on the terrace for people to eat their lunch etc;
  • Putting up a MG banner behind the stage;

Pitt’s Family circus tent

  • Setting up 140 of the hired white plastic chairs in the circus tent.
  • Putting up MG banner against wall where the performers are going to perform.

Bijou Theatre

  • Moving all of the lounge chairs to the rear of the theatre and placing them in rows so that they can be used, ensuring that the fire exits at the rear are clear, and there is a central aisle 1.5 metres wide going from the rear of the theatre to the stage;
  • Laying the hired carpet tiles in the area where the plastic chairs are to be placed between the lounge chairs and the stage;
  • Setting out plastic chairs;
  • Hanging a MG banner over the projection screen on stage.

Arbor restaurant

Setting up the hotel’s 2 Sico stage units in the preferred location in the restaurant. Putting up Mountaingrass banner behind it (if possible).

Arts society classroom

  • Ensuring that the room is tidy and chairs are suitably arranged for the workshops;
  • Putting out their 60 plastic chairs around the asylum under trees in groups in suitable picking places.


  • Putting out solar lights along the route from the GK hotel to the circus tent;
  • Filling porta loos with water, toilet paper, and a night light;
  • Putting rubbish bins around the site.
During the event - click to view

Wristband Checking

  • Workshops (9am to 12 noon Sat and Sun)

Stand at doors of rooms being used for workshops: Beechworth Arts Society classroom, Harold Whittaker room, Bijou Theatre, Chapel, Pitts Family tent and asking everyone entering to show their wristbands.

  • Concerts (as per the concert program)

Stand at the doors of the venues, by the ‘Please show your wristband’ sign and ask those entering to show their wristbands.


Raffle Ticket Sellers

When: selling of tickets can take place at any festival venue or other gathering place during the festival.

Collect the ticket selling satchels at the registration desk and return them to the Registration desk, for reconciliation, after each shift.


Stage Management

when: as per the Concert program

Stage managers are to ensure that:

Ensure that performers are present at least 15 minutes prior to their gig. Work with the MC to ensure that each performance keeps to the allocated time slot. Ensure that there is enough bottled water in the green room for performers. Stage managers are to wear a “hi-vis vest” to indicate their role. They are to prevent all unauthorised access to the Green room or the stage area at the venues during concerts. (Only those with a VIP performer pass, media pass, or sound crew are authorized to be in the Green rooms or near the stage area).


Site Management Team

When: All day and evenings during the festival.

Pickup rubbish around the venues and festival site; service the porta-loos by re-filling with water and toilet paper and checking that the interior lights work; tidy chairs in the marquee between concerts; set out chairs in the room to be used for the ABOTMA AGM on Saturday; place solar lights that are in the shade out into the sun during the day so that they can re-charge and in the evening, return them to their night location.


CD and Merchandise Shop

When: From 9am Saturday until late on both Sat and Sunday

Sell CDs and performer merchandise. Ensure that all CD and merchandise sales are recorded in the sales book. This involves handling cash (but not EFTPOS which is handled by the Registration desk team).


Pre-paid Ticket Collection, Performer Check-in, Volunteer check-in

When: Friday from noon until 9pm Friday night

Pre-paid tickets: Scan the QR code on the (pre-paid) paper tickets. (Phones with a QR scanner are supplied). Retain all the redeemed tickets (i.e. paper print-outs). Assist the pre-paid ticket holder with their wristband and give them a program.

Performers: Performer wristbands are compiled in envelopes for collection by bands. If only some of the wristbands are taken by a band member, update this on the outside of the wristband envelope.

Volunteers: check the name of the volunteer off the Volunteer list. Provide them with their volunteer pack, which contains their wristband, roster, and instructions they need to undertake their volunteer role.

NB: All problems with performers or online ticket sales are to be referred to the manager of the Registration desk who will sort them out.


Pack Down After the event (all day Monday) - click to view

When: Sunday evening (for some jobs) and Monday morning for the remainder of the pack down.

This involves:

  • Stacking chairs, packing away solar lights, banners, and bunting
  • Collecting all white hired chairs in the grounds of the hotel and asylum and taking them to the nearest collection point outside either the Bijou Theatre or George Kerferd Hotel entrance.
  • Picking up rubbish and putting it in bins. When done bring all rubbish bins to one central point
  • Stacking all hired white chairs outside the Harold Whittaker room and Pitts Circus tent on the grass near the turn-around area at the entrance to the George Kerferd Hotel.
  • Stacking all white hired chairs from the Bijou Theatre outside the entrance to the Theatre.
  • Stacking all the exhibition tiles from inside the Bijou Theatre outside the entrance to the Theatre.
  • Moving the furniture inside the Bijou Theatre back to where Geoff Brown, the owner wants everything to be placed. Geoff can be found next door at the Asylum Ghost Tours office.
  • Collecting and packing up all solar lights.
  • Taking down the hazard webbing and packing it away
  • Emptying the remaining water out of the porta loos, (The bung is to go in the sink inside the loo). Remove the toilet paper and night lights and take to them Registration desk.
  • Help George Kerferd Hotel staff pack down the bar and tables from the café/bar area and move them to their storage area.

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