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Mountaingrass 2017

✭It takes a small village to organise a Festival, here are the people who proudly bought you Mountaingrass 2017.✭

Thank you to everyone who helped to make the festival such a success

ABOTMA & Mountaingrass 2017 Festival Committee

Kimberley Wheeler (Vic), Barry Torkington (NZ), Helen Ludellen (ACT), Jenine Abarbanel (NZ), Jacqui McKenzie (VIC), Evan Webb (VIC), Donal Baylor (ACT), Mick O’Neill (WA), John Taylor (ACT), Jen Land (VIC)


Major Sponsors

Alpine Shire Council, Feathertop Chalet, Barry Torkington and The Pipi Pickers (NZ), Grundy Banjos (USA/VIC), Vander Gaag Guitars (NZ)

Other Sponsors and supporters

Paul Trenwith Banjos, Gerald Pink picks, ASE engineering and Casbak Alpine Units, Presto Cases, Harrietville Hotel Motel, Madam PC, Big Tree TShirts, Snowline Hotel, Australian, Alpine Valley Getaways, Comedy Hypnotist Gerard V, Dunn Mandolins, The Harrietville Times, The Alpine Observer, Active Design & Print, Alpine Radio, Indigo FM, The Border Mail

Raffle Prize Donors

Johan van der Gaag (NZ), Paul Trenwith (NZ), Gerald Pink (VIC)

Frank Solivan (USA) – photo thanks to Ian Fisk

Artists & Workshop Presenters

Appalachian Heaven String Band (Vic), Bluestone Junction (Vic), Crooked Road (SA), Jammalong (ACT & Vic Groups), Fat Cousin Skinny (Vic), Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen (USA), John Boothroyd (Vic), Kimberley Wheeler & Roadside Holiday (Vic), Mike Kear (NSW), Mustered Courage (Vic), Nine Mile Creek (Vic), Pete Denahy and Wide Island (Japan/Vic), Peter Scholtz (Vic), Peter Somerville (Vic), RhodeWorkz (NZ), Slim Dime (Vic), Strzelecki Stringbusters (Vic), The 4 Jimmies (NSW), The Apostle Tour (NSW/Vic), The Beekeepers (Vic), The Kissin Cousins (Vic), The Knott Family Band (Tas), The New Macedon Rangers (Vic), The Pipi Pickers (NZ), The Stetson Family (Vic), Tony O’Rourke (Vic)


Sound crew & Video:

Mark Woods, Bruce Packard, Andrew Clermont, Luke Clarke, Aaron Vellin, Joshua Levi-Collings



Brighde Collins, Keith Lugton, Duncan Kirkley, Isabel Paton, Liz Hamilton, Sally Scanlan, Debbie Griffiths, Sue Dwyer, Fred Hudson, Susan Boothroyd, Bill Downs, Anne Downs, Michael Whelan, Will Arnold, Simone Schroder, Marlene Fleming, Christine O’Brien, Gary Digney, Christine Meads, Josephine Collins, Tony Dingwall, Gerard Verscherun, Jenny Shimmin, David Hardiman, Shirley Hardiman, Evan Webb, Sally Carter, Julie Meaden, Lindsay Clapperton, Leonard Cohen, Brett Laurie, Barry Torkington, Gerald Pink, Chip Bragg, Laurie Grundy, Ian Fisk, Chris Beach, Howard Gadd, Lynette Molloy, Peter Jackson, Glen (Jacko) Jackson, Annette Schofield, Barry Price

Special thanks to Isabel Paton, Hugh Paton, Pete Denahy, Nadine Budge, Chris Jacobs, Nine Mile Creek & Fat Cousin Skinny for their work on publicity before the Festival and Kyle Stubbs – raffle ticket seller extraordinaire!!


Registration Desk

Karita Brokenshire, Matilda Brokenshire, Bindy Scott with help from Marshall Woods and his friend Matthew.


Feathertop Staff

Sharna Johnston and Conor Murrell (Managers) and their weekend staff: Louise, David, Craig, Sue & Sarah who worked very hard to make the event the success it was.

From the Harrietville local community:

Bennett Mountjoy, Ella and the staff at The Snowline Hotel

John Mander and staff at the Harrietville Hotel Motel

Brian and Meryl at the Harrietville Cabins and Caravan Park

Emma Hinchliffe and staff at Alpine Valley Getaways

Ed and Neene at Casbak Alpine Units

Brian and Sue at Avalon House

Fiona at Mountain View Retreat

Melanie and Elisha at the Alpine Shire Council

Diane and staff at Bella’s cafe

Jeff and Nikki Swan at the Bakery

Morrie’s Ice Creamery

The Lavender Farm

Adrian and Pat Webster

Phil Horner

The Harrietville Times

Last but not least

Tony Boon and staff from PA Services

Stephen Hill and staff from 24Seven Events

Crispies Hardware, Bright

RRR 102.7 – Denise Hylands – Twang

PBS 106.7 – Jan Dale – Southern Style & David Heard – Acid Country

Kissin Cousins – photo thanks to Ian Fisk