✭A huge thank you to all the people who proudly brought you Mountaingrass in 2019✭

✭A huge thank you to all the people who proudly brought you Mountaingrass in 2019✭

 ABOTMA Executive committee

Evan Webb, Linda Maxwell, Susan Boothroyd and Helen Ludellen

 Mountaingrass Festival Organiser

Evan Webb

 Major Sponsors

Cole Clark Guitars – Miles Jackson
Alexander Bell Sound Studios

 Other Sponsors and supporters

Gerald Pink picks, Chip Bragg, Madam PC, Big Tree T Shirts;
Australian Bluegrass.com; Comedy Hypnotist Gerard V; PBS-FM.

 Raffle Prize Donors

Cole Clark guitars for the guitar for 1st prize, and Chip Bragg for the hand-made guitar the guitar; John Boothroyd for the pack of CDs; Evan Webb for Rocket U87 Condenser Microphone; Jenine Arbarbanel and the team at Kiwigrass for the double pass to next year’s Kiwigrass festival; and Gerald Pink for the banjo picks and home-made beef jerky.

Programming and program schedule

Mark Pottenger, Evan Webb

 Print program layout

Mick O’Neill


Midnight Skyracer (UK); South Carolina Broadcasters (USA); Mike & Ruthy (USA); Sonoran Dogs (USA); Jenny Lester (Canada); Seventh State (NZ); Whoa Mule (NSW); Willing Ponies (NSW); Nine Mile Creek (VIC); Strzelecki Stringbusters (VIC); The Stetson Family (VIC); The Cherry Pickers (SA); Jammalong (ACT); Slim Dime (VIC); Greater Glider Stringband; New Holland Honeyeaters (TAS); Crooked Road (SA); Crow Mountain (NSW); The Lyrebirds (NSW); The 3 Jimmies (NSW); The Burning Bridges (VIC); The Kissing Cousins (VIC); Bluegrass – Made in Taiwan; Jose & the Amigos (VIC); John Boothroyd (VIC);

 Workshop Presenters

Nigel Lever: Bluegrass Mandolin – Beginner
Jackson Cunningham: Old Time Mandolin – Intermediate
Peter Somerville: Old Time Banjo – Beginner
Tony O’Rourke: Bluegrass Guitar – Beginner
Miriam & Naomi Jones: Old Time Fiddle – Beginner
Evan Webb: Ragtime & Blues Mandolin
Charlotte Carrivick: Bluegrass Guitar – Intermediate
Isabel Grundy/Bec Humphreys: Twin Fiddle in Bluegrass
David Sheppard: Old Time Guitar
Laura Carrivick: Dobro
New Holland Honeyeaters: Shape-Note Singing
Jenny Lester: Vocal Harmony
Ian Alexander: The Banjo of Wade Ward
Ruth Ungar: Old Time Fiddle – Intermediate
Mike Merenda: Travis-picking Style for Guitar
Eleanor Wilkie: Double Bass
John Boothroyd: Two-finger Banjo Style
Tabitha Agnew: Bluegrass Banjo – Intermediate
Mark Miracle: Bluegrass Mandolin – Intermediate
Pete Denahy: Bluegrass Fiddle – Intermediate
Ivy Sheppard: Old Time Banjo – Intermediate
Dick Brown: Bluegrass Banjo – Beginner
Willing Ponies: Bluegrass Ensemble Playing

 Sunday morning Gospel Concert co-ordinator and MC

Mike Kear

Walk-up Stage Manager

Jacinta Connery

 Acoustic Concert Manager

Tony O’Rourke

 Jammalong – Jamming for Beginners

Jammalong ACT – Dianne and Michael Porter

 Sound crew:

Harold Whittaker Room: Mark Woods
Bijou Theatre: Bruce Packard
MHAS Concert room: Keith and Carla Rea
Arbor Bar & Restaurant: Andrew Clermont

 Video: Ricky Pannowitz

 Photographer: Ian Fisk

 Volunteer Co-ordinator
Michael Whelan

Matt Nagle, Anne-Maria Plevier, Ross McInnes, Patricia Glazier, Sue Webb, Roy Webb, Sigrid Christiansen, Ray Lakeman, Keith Lugton, Linda Harrison, Max Amos, Judy Roesbery, Laurie and Linda Grundy, Lindsay Clapperton, Jenine Arbarbanel, Stephen Mills, Marilyn Chipperfield, Jim Chipperfield, Deborah Peter, Stephen Peter, Vanessa Roche, Philip Flanagan, Debbie Griffiths, Patrick Griffiths, Geoff Wright, Judy Wright, Irma Lachmund, Lee Goodall, Beth Perry, Andrew Ryan, Ingrid Jenkin, Loretta Waters, Andy Paterson, Rud Nielsen, Gurli Nielsen, Anne Baker, Marion Kaiser, Julie Cain, David Williams, Leonard Cohen, Peter Jackson, Michael Whelan, Mary Whelan.

 Registration Desk and Merchandise

Karita Brokenshire, Michelle Wilton

Luthiers and stall holders
Laurie Grundy, Ray Black, Joe Gallagher, Chip Bragg, Alan Funk

 George Kerferd Staff

Chris Nuck and the rest of the staff.

 Mayday Hills Art Society

Christine Cansfield-Smith and Wendy Stephens.

 From the local community

George Fendyk, Geoff Brown from Asylum Ghost Tours, and Chris and Tim from Wangaratta Sound and Lighting and the Mayday Escape Rooms.

Jen Land: graphic design and assistance with the website.
PBS 106.7 – Jan Dale – Southern Style
Linda Maxwell – newspaper and radio

If we have missed mentioning you on this list, please accept our humble apologies. But, do drop us a line at info@abotma.org.au and let us know so that we can acknowledge you.

Thanks everyone!

photo of Midnight Skyracer thanks to Steve Errol