Mountaingrass Raffle 2017

1. Johan van der Gaag mandolin: Nick Keeling
2. Paul Trenwith practice banjo: Shirley Hardiman
3. Double season pass to Mountaingrass 2018: Joseph Portnoff
4. Gerald Pink finger picks: Hercules Lathouras

A huge thank you to Johan van der Gaag for supplying us with one of his beautiful mandolins and Paul Trenwith for his practice banjo. Thanks again to Gerald Pink for again giving us a set of his banjo picks and home-made beef jerky for the raffle!

And thank you all for so generously supporting our raffle.

Nick Keeling from Mustered Courage with his new Johan van der Gaag mandolin. Image: Ian Fisk

Shirley Hardiman, one of our stalwart volunteers, with her Paul Trenwith practice banjo. Image: Ian Fisk