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New at Mountaingrass this year!

Picking at Avalon HouseIn response to attendee feedback last year, we have some fun new options for you this year!

Walk-up stage: This year we are putting a small walk-up stage for Blackboard concerts in the Feathertop Guest’s carpark.  This stage will have a small PA and will operate from 11am to 1pm and again at 6pm-7pm on Saturday and then from 10am to 1pm on Sunday. You are very welcome to jam there outside of these times.

Slow Jam lounge in Mons Meg Lodge: 

This year our designated Slow Jam space will be the Lounge room in the Mons Meg Lodge at Feathertop Chalet. It will be available in the afternoons and evenings after the workshops  have finished for anyone wanting to meet up with others for a slow jam. (The Mons lodge is the one next door to the Registration desk).

Organised slow jams
There will be three scheduled organised slow jams this year:

* Saturday 10am-11am: ‘Give it a crack’ with the Strzelecki Stringbusters in the covered area over the driveway at Feathertop Chalet where the Registration desk is.
* Saturday 10am – 11am: Old-time slow jam with Catgut at the Harrietville Community Hall.
* Sunday 9am – 10am: Introduction to Bluegrass jamming with the Pipi Pickers at the Feathertop in the covered area by registration.

Other jamming spaces at Feathertop Chalet:
Shamrock Lodge lounge room – is open to everyone  for lively picking all weekend – day and night! (Shamrock Lodge is the one closest to the marquee.)
Feathertop Chalet – Sambas Lodge is our ‘quieter’ lodge so we’d appreciate it you could avoid creating a lot of noise in the Sambas Lodge lounge room late at night.  (Sambas Lodge is next door to Shamrock Lodge).

Other great outdoor spaces for picking are the Guest’s carpark under the trees, and the BBQ area behind the Feathertop Chalet Dining room which is also shady.