George Kerferd Hotel, Mayday Hills, Beechworth


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Descriptions of Tasks & Roles

Pre-Festival Setup

Possible Shifts - all day Wednesday and Thursday and Friday morning
This role can involve some construction and the use of ladders and power tools.

Tasks include:

  • Erecting the green room pergola for the marquee. Putting a table in there and a light.
  • Erecting a gantry for power cables to the marquee. Roll out power leads for the feedback deck beside the stage.
  • Erecting the pergola for the Walk-up stage and connecting an extension cord to the end of Mons Meg Lodge. Attach Mountaingrass banner to rear wall.
  • Unstacking and setting up (white plastic) chairs in the marquee,
  • Putting a table at the back of the marquee for the sound techs.
  • Putting a small table next to the stage for the feedback deck
  • Putting solar lights around the marquee and other thoroughfares that are dark at night.
  • Putting up plastic barrier webbing around anything that might be a hazard. including blocking access to the marquee Green room.
  • Filling porta loos with water, toilet paper, and a night light.
  • Putting rubbish bins around the Feathertop Chalet site.
  • Setting up tables and chairs the in covered area for the ‘bar/café and registration desk at Feathertop Chalet.
  • Setting up a table and the CD racks for the CD store.
Wristband Checking
  • Worshops (9am to 12 noon Sat and Sun)

Stand at doors of rooms at Feathertop Chalet where workshops are being conducted and ask those entering to show their wristbands.

  • Concerts (as per the concert program)

Stand at the doors of the venues, by the ‘Please show your wristband’ sign and ask those entering to show their wristbands.

NB: the marquee has at least two entrances

Raffle Ticket Sellers

Can take place at any festival venue or other gathering place.

Collect the ticket selling satchels at the registration desk and return them to the Registration desk, for reconciliation, after each shift.

Stage Management

Ensure that performers are present at least 15 minutes prior to their gig. Work with the MC to ensure that each performance keeps to the allocated time slot. Ensure that there is enough bottled water in the green room for performers. Stage managers are to wear a “hi-vis vest” to indicate their role. They are to prevent all unauthorised access to the Green room or stage area in the marquee during concerts.

Site Management Team

Pickup rubbish around the venues and festival site; service the porta-loos by re-filling with water and toilet paper and checking that the interior lights work; tidy chairs in the marquee between concerts; set out chairs in the Conference room for workshops and the ABOTMA AGM on Saturday; place solar lights that are in the shade out into the sun during the day so that they can re-charge and in the evening, return them to their night location. 

(all day and evenings during the festival)

CD and Merchandise Shop

Sell CDs and performer merchandise. Ensure that all CD and merchandise sales are recorded in the sales book. Involves handling cash (but not EFTPOS).

(Friday evening, 9am until late Sat and Sunday)

Pre-paid Ticket Collection and Performer Check-in

Retain all the redeemed tickets (i.e. paper print-outs). Assist the pre-paid ticket holder with their wristband and give them a program. Performer wristbands are compiled in envelopes for collection by bands. Update the performer check-in list.

NB: Any problems with performers or online ticket sales are to be referred to Karita Brokenshire on the Registration desk.

(noon till 9pm Friday)

Pack Down After the Festival

This involves:

  • Stacking chairs, packing away solar lights, banners, and bunting
  • Picking up rubbish and putting it in bins. When done bring all rubbish bins to one central point
  • Taking down marquee Pergola and pack it into its case
  • Taking down the power lead gantry to marquee.
  • Stacking all hired chairs outside the marquee using the chair trolley
  • Packing down all tables and take them to the Registration desk area.
  • Collecting and packing up all solar lights.
  • Taking down the hazard webbing and packing it away
  • Emptying the remaining water out of the porta loos, (The bung is to go in the sink inside the loo). Remove the toilet paper and night lights and take to them Registration desk.
  • Help Feathertop staff pack down the bar and tables from the café/bar area and move them to their storage area.
  • Help take large bulky items to the storage unit.

(all day Monday)