Food & Drink at Mountaingrass

Harrietville offers a wide range of breakfast, lunch and dinner options at all of our venues, and within a short walk of the venues.

These include:

Food and drinks are available from:

  • Snowline Hotel: Lunch and dinner. Coffee. Eat in. Licenced.
  • Harrietville Hotel Motel: Lunch and dinner. Coffee. Eat in. Licenced.
  • Mountain View Retreat: Breakfast and dinner. Eat in. Bookings required. Licenced.
  • Avalon House: Lunch and dinner. Eat in or takeaway. Coffee. Licenced.
  • Bella’s Cafe: Breakfast and lunch. Coffee. Eat in or takeaway.
  • Feathertop Chalet: Lunch and dinner. Light refreshments and drinks all day. Coffee. Licenced.
  • Morries Ice Creamery & CafĂ©: open all day with lunchtime specials. Coffee.