Kimberley Wheeler

Howdy Folks, Mountaingrass are looking for an Operations Coordinator to organise and direct proceedings and make the festival what it is. PLEASE NOTE: this is a remunerated position. You could be who we are looking for. We would love to have you on the team. Click through via the link […]

Operations Guru Required

Robin: "Holy Banana Bread, Batman!  The Stetson Family are playing at the Festival, as are The Sonoran Dogs from Arizona and our very own Kimberley Wheeler." Batman: "Yes, Robin.  They will be in good company with The Company, Haywood Billy Goats of North Carolina,  and....." Robin: "Holy Knock Out Drops, […]

2016 Artist Announcements 4

Quite possibly the best dressed band in the country, Bluegrass Parkway will join us from way out west.  We look forward to their thoughtful and entertaining banter, and gorgeous harmonies. From South Australia and featuring the recent winner of the Australian Bluegrass Scholarship, Jeri Foreman, we present Astro Cobalt and also from SA, some […]

2016 Artist Announcements 3